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Got $40K? Here s whe上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛re you could buy a house Homes in these 15 cities are affordable with a low five-figure salary

In Topeka, Kansas, the salary required with a 10 percent down payment is $31,515. (Credit: iStock)

If you follow the golden rule of real estate location, location, location home ownership can be done with a low-five figure income.

The National Association of Realtors second quarter survey of national data found that an annual paycheck of $40,000 (or less) was sufficient to qualify to buy a home in 15 cities, according to CNBC. NAR s index depends on a mortgage rate of 4.7 percent and monthly p上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰ayments capped at 25 percent of the buyer s income.

The ranking comes as less Americans are buying homes while the cost is rising fastest at the lowest price-points. Last year, the median age of a homebuyer was 45 a 30-year high.

That said, a recent PropertyShark survey of respondents from Gen Z roughly between the ages of 18 and 23 currently found that the younger generation on the heels of millennials expects to buy a house within the next five years. Here s where they could do it without breaking bank. [CNBC] Erin Hudson

1. Abilene, Texas

Abilene. (Credit: Flofor15/Wikimedia Commons)

Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $37,827
Salary required with a 20 percent down payment: $33,624
Median home price: $167,200

2. Bloomington, Illinois
Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $35,723
Salary required with a 20 percent down payment: $31,754
Median home price: $157,900

3. Buffalo, New York


Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $33,732
Salary required with a 20 percent down payment: $29,984
Median home price: $149,100

4. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $36上海贵族宝贝 上海千花网龙凤论坛,922
Salary required with a 20 percent down payment: $32,820
Median home price: $163,200

5. Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston, West Virginia. (Credit: Tim Kiser)

Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $32,035
Salary required with a 20 percent down payment: $28,476
Median home price: $141,600

6. Cleveland, Ohio上海贵族宝贝 上海千花网龙凤论坛
Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $34,660
Salary required with a 20 percent down payment: $30,809
Median home price: $153,200

7. El Paso, Texas

Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.

Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $35,271
Salary re上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛quired with a 20 percent down payment: $31,352
Median home price: $155,900

8. Erie, Pennsylvania
Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $27,533
Salary required with a 20 percent down payment: $24,474
Median home price: $121,700

9. Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne. (Credit: Momoneymoproblemz)

Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $32,805
Salary required with a 20 percent down payment: $29,160
Median home price: $145,000

10. Lexington, Kentucky
Salary required with a 10 percent down payment: $39,524
Salary required with a 20 percent down payment: $35,132
Median home price: $174,700

11. Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery. (Credit: Max Pixel)

Salary required with[……]

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Could this building material save California homes from future infernos? The RSG 3-D panel system uses no combustible materials

(Credit: Pixabay, RSG 3-D)

A futuristic building material is be上海千花网论坛 上海千花网ing touted by its manufacturer as the environmentally friendly and fire-resistant material California needs for a sustainable future.

RSG 3-D is a “cementitious sandwich panel” system with no combustible materials that can be subject to an open flame for two hours before catching fire, according to CNBC. The building material could allow houses to fare better than the state s widespr上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰ead wood-frame homes now burning across northern California in the latest wave of deadly wildfires.

The panels are made of a polystyrene core, sandwiched between a steel wire grid frame that penetrates through the core. Once assembled as the walls and roofs of a structure, the panels are covered with an outer layer of concrete. The system can be used in residential and commercial projects. After last year s wildfires, Santa Rosa s officials selected RSG 3-D panels for its new firewall.

NASA has used the material in spacecraft and it’s gained traction as a building material i上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛n Europe, but the U.S. construction market has been slow to adopt the material due to the popularity and abundance of wood.

Construction company Hutter Pioneer is building with the materials currently and its COO Geoffrey Evancic claimed the system is also superior to wood in terms of energy efficiency. [CNBC] – Dennis Lynch

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Essence inks 29K lease for new HQ in Industry City The for上海同城对对碰交友社区 上海夜网论坛mer Time Inc. brand was sold last year

Essence CEO Richelieu Dennis and Industry City at 220 36th Street (Credit: Facebook and Industry City)

Essence Communications, the company that owns African-American women s magazine Essence as well as the music festival of the same name, is moving to a new headquarters in Industry City.

The media company has inked a 10-year, 29,000-square foot lease in Building 4 of the complex at 34 35th Street. The company currently operates out of a different building in Industry City, and is expected the move into the new location in the second quarter of this year.

We are pleased to have found a home at Industry City that supports our expansion and accommodates our multidimensional operational needs, said Essence COO Joy Profet.

Essence s old offices in Industry City were part of Time Inc. s holdings in the complex. The magazine was sold 上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝to Liberian-American hair- and skin-care entrepreneur Richelieu Dennis last January, soon after Time Inc. was bought out by media conglomerate Meredith Corp.

The sale returned Essence to full African-American ownership for the first time since 2000, when Time acquired a 49% stake in the magazine. The magazine had been full上海夜网 阿爱上海同城y black-owned for the first 30 years of its history.上海同城对对碰交友社区 上海夜网论坛

Meredith sold Time magazine to Salesforce founder Marc Benioff in爱上海龙凤419桑拿 上海龙凤论坛sh1f September for $190 million. [Crain s] — Kevin Sun

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National Cheat Sheet: HomeServices named largest US resi brokerage, housing starts hit 8-month low… more

Clockwise from top left: Warren Buffett’s HomeServices named largest resi brokerage in the U.S., New-home groundbreakings hit an 8-month low in February, report says, BlackRock snaps up real estate analytics firm eFront for $1.3B, and private real estate funds struggling to invest record amounts of cash.

Warren Buffett’s HomeServices named top US resi brokerage
Berkshire Hathaway’s HomeServices of America is now the largest residential brokerage in the country, according to a new ranking from Real Trends. It’s the first time the Minneapolis-based, Warren Buffett-owned firm has outranked Realogy’s NRT. HomeServices closed 346,629 transactions in 2018, while NRT closed 337,235, according to Real Trends. Despite being ousted from the top spot, NRT still had a higher dollar volume than HomeServices, with the two firms reporting $176.4 billion and $135.9 billion in sales, respectively, in 2018. In a statement, HomeServices CEO Gino Blefari attributed the firm’s ascent to “years of hard work.” [TRD]

Report: New-home groundbreakings at 8-month low in February
Groundbreakings on new homes fell by 8.7 percent last month — marking an eight-month low, according to a new report by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The dip “[suggests] buyers and builders remain wary despite higher wages and a drop in mortgage rates,” Bloomberg reported. Single-family home construction took the hardest hit, declining “the most in four years while permits were unchanged,” according to the outlet, which noted that the data “have a wide margin of error.” [TRD]

White House seeks to end Fannie, Freddie conservatorships
More than a decade after the financial crisis, the federal conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could be about to end as the Trump administration moves forward with plans to unwind the mortgage guarantors, Housing Wire reported. The White House has previously hinted that it s in favor of moving the two government-sponsored enterprises out from under federal control, and Freddie Mac named a new CEO earlier this month amid ongoing privatization talks. [TRD]

Private real estate funds struggle to invest record amounts of cash
Private real estate fund managers now have a record $333 billion, according to financial research firm Preqin, but they don’t know what to do with it, the Wall Street Journal reported. Managers have found it increasingly difficult to find investments they feel are worth shelling out for, and some have had to alter their strategies as a result, according to the outlet. “A lot of firms have been sitting on their hands and not putting money to work, and that’s dangerous,” Christian Dalzell, managing partner at Westport, Connecticut-based Dalzell Capital Partners, told the outlet. But the problem has reportedly been less of an issue for larger real estate firms that have enough money to acquire entire[……]

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” divide fierce battle alarm 3 ” battle of IGN 5 cent is commonplace, much the person is poor

Battle of afterwards single person mode of 5 cent, much people after 4 minutes, IGN is now ” except fierce battle alarm 3 ” gave out to always give a mark: 5 minutes. IGN expresses, the development with all previous old classics, ” except fierce battle alarm 3 ” acceded to make the element that game takes the place of to make a person enjoy first, but also only this just. Although its are mandatory article collects the contented sense with let a player have certain, but integral battle besides all the way outside locking up calm fire automatically, without overmuch evolution. Its force the much person mode that go in has computation of a few cloud to destroy, but in this tiny the too big without play effect in the mode with the pity with little content. Always divide: 5 minutes ” divide fierce battle alarm 3 ” the middle, battle that collects content too much and sad much person pattern are an useless result, hard satisfactory. Other media gives a mark: Xbox Achievements: 7 minutes of USGamer: 7 minutes of Variety: 7 minutes of Gameblog.fr: 7 minutes of Shacknews: 7 minutes of COGconnected: 6.5 minutes of Windows Central: 6 minutes of VideoGamer: 6 Hardcore Gamer: 6 minutes of Trusted Reviews: 6 minutes of GameSpot: 5 minutes of Screen Rant: 5 DualShockers: 5 CGMagazine: 4.5 Giant Bomb: 4 Metro GameCentral: 4[……]

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Make 24K bullion Xbox One X! Microsoft leaves original capital to popularize APP

Although be on exclusive your work and the expression of one square game, many players think the Xbox of Microsoft is in this for generations and photograph of additionally two competitors are compared be slightly worse, but Xbox outer view ” artistic ” the level, it may be said is to outshine the rest. We had introduced linkage sanded assist before this ” thunderbolt sanded Box ” , ” wolf ” Xbox of money of the demarcate that take a knife, need not carry the handle of of all kinds of full of beautiful things in eyes more. Now day Microsoft government however not from design proceed with, simple and crude go up completely 24K, revealed the bullion demarcate Xbox One X that dazzled god confuses to everybody! The local tyrant gold that fact of this true material expects set limit to of Xbox One whole world, it is the final step that Microsoft gives to popularize the hold a memorial ceremony for of mobile phone APP of oneself: Government of XGP of player need attention is pushed special, and transmit of the #XGPMobileSweepstakes on the belt is pushed this can participate lottery especially, however regrettablly is, lottery limits included American mainland only lawful citizen (Microsoft is relevant worker except) . Exclusive a win a prize in a lottery person the bullion demarcate Xbox One X that can obtain this invaluable, and member of given a year of XGP, the handle that believes bullion play rise, have chic feeling certainly. [……]

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” true person hits trilogy quickly ” doubt is like will roll out refashion edition: Visional 4 make

It is last week during the TGA game large award 2018, ed Boone of chief inspector of NetherRealm atelier originality appeared on the stage to affirm those who expect to equipment suffers ” true person is hit quickly 11 ” make formally in the center, issued in April on next year. And the hearsay according to the near future, ” true person is hit quickly ” also will set foot on recent refashion tide, or will roll out in future ” true person hits trilogy quickly ” refashion closes market. This message comes from YouTube to sow advocate Doctre81, state refashion edition will be in PC, playStation 4, release on Switch and Xbox One. He expresses, one of evidence are Blind Squirrel Games is in really refashion of 90 time of 20 centuries ” 3 fistfight game ” ” edition of not open refashion ” , doctre81 figures this project may be ” true person hits trilogy quickly ” . After deepness is dug, the project of Blind Squirrel Games expresses refashion edition in the description is ” the game that becomes independent 3 binds yuan of whole experience ” , alluding this game is a trilogy. However, the most interesting is, design of list indication toll-gate and game script had been in visional engine 4 in finish. In addition, atelier still had additional job in the light of this project, for example ” the environment of the originality writing of documentation and setting story and toll-gate is described ” . That is to say, this ” true person hits trilogy quickly ” the new element that contained refashion possibly even. At present the government still does not have pair of this one message to undertake clarifying, and Blind Squirrel also is PC edition Bug is great ” biochemical an army suddenly appearing from nowhere closes market ” development company. [……]

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Blueness signs up for in: The net swims real name is made cannot set a threshold when register only

Before before long, some net swims to be start with 9 ground city of countrywide, start game formally the compulsive public security of all user is real renown desired result, the Zhang mark that did not pass desired result will prohibit loginning. How does people look real name does date of desired result Zhang indulge to preventing minor the action of network game? Last week, center of investigation of society of Chinese youth newspaper office combines questionnaire net (Wenjuan.com) , an investigation that endures the person that visit to undertake to 2008 shows, of 73.1% suffer the person that visit to think real name is made can prevent minor effectively to indulge network game, of 80.4% suffer the person that visit to support network game to develop real name date of desired result Zhang, of 77.1% suffer the person that visit to hope compulsive fact name is made can get be executived generally in network game. Prevent minor to indulge network game, of 62.2% get company of game of proposal of the person that visit in the page marked place setting is prevented indulge catchphrase, when sufferring the person that visit to hope to restrict minor to log onto game, grow of 49.5% . 73.1% suffer the person that visit to think real name is made can prevent minor effectively to indulge sagacious of network game Tan (alias) it is Chongqing some key high school is high one student, want idle to come down to be able to play a net swim only at ordinary times. “Our class plays the student of network game to have 20 or so, the schoolboy occupies most, the schoolgirl is not little also. Understand according to me, inside junior high school, whole class student plays the circumstance that the net swims to also have. ” Tan Zhe is recollected, when his junior high school, the net swims is the popular topic that chats between the classmate, also be contact classmate emotive a kind of means, “I am met and friend, netizen plays game together, meet unexpectedly plays those who had gotten to play friend to still can add a good friend ” . Tan Zhe says frankly, the student that plays game attends class to take a look easily, cannot dedicated attend a lecture. Indulge the homecoming that the net swims stays up late dozen of game, white sky class sleeps, most achievement is in medium slant below. The Shi Yi that lives in lake of Anhui overgrown with weeds says, a lot of parents indulge to the net swims and headache for the child beside her, some parents ” take strict precautions against defend to the last ” ” not yield an inch ” , do not let the child contact a bit net to swim stoutly. “I have a child of friend at sight of to hit game to break a mobile phone, had broken two. My home child often also plays rising is a few hours, keep resting among ” . In investigation, of 87.1% suffer the person that visit to say frankly beside minor indulges network game phenomenon is serious, among them of 21.6% suffer speak bluntly of the person that visit very serious. Suffer the pe[……]

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” black is desert ” Chinese change the job to be finished basically before long hind will appear on the market in the stage

” black is desert ” by Korea PearlAbyss research and development, the stage is taken by branch of the Taiwan below the banner battalion of proper motion of silk of precious moxa green jade is carried, although everybody very expect this work can land a stage to take at an early date, but show according to relevant website information, silk of precious moxa green jade still is in the operation personnel of key of invite applications for a job, the game layout of retouch of the culture in the artistic design that network of responsible game officer includes in the center, product, game appears on the market the marketing assistant director of the program, this also states the distance checks open to still have period of time.


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Legend stylist Warren Spector hopes Dishini returns to game to develop

Before period of time, dishini ever had had serious attempt in game line of business, with role of subordinate and numerous character development is achieved formerly and derive game work, but their adventure did not go down continuously, dishini shut most game to develop atelier later. Nevertheless a person thinks Dishini should return game industry now, that is Warren Spector of legend game stylist. He ever joined Dishini to participate in development to pass ” legend mickey mouse ” , so he so look to have special reason certainly. He expresses, “Dishini is controlling so much copyright in the hand, if just become the company of an accredit, too regretful. ” the masterpiece of Spector has ” kill a tight encirclement ” and ” network an ingenious新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区 military move ” , have epoch-making sense. He cooperated at Dishini 2010 rolled out Wii lead plane exclusive game ” legend mickey mouse ” , that work is a his sales volume is highest. But the add that faced much platform to roll out 2012 later is made fail to achieve sales volume goal however. The result brought about Dishini to shut the Junction Point atelier that he guides directly. Dishini begins to fade out of game market gradually later, nevertheless ” Dishini is infinite ” series still achieves beautiful performance. But be in when the 4th is being developed, dishini decides to close halt this project, and remove market of play of go on a journey from now on, develop game of one party no longer, give other sport company brand authorization however. We saw Dishini and EA collaboration are rolled out later ” strategic defense initiative ” , and free power popular series movies ” avenger is allied ” also gave Ainikesi undertakes Shikeweier game is changed. Will look at present, dishini still a bit does not want to undertake game of one party is developed. It have which c爱上海同城对对碰 爱上海同城论坛ompany hardly is OK to have which company hardly with Dishini the copyright brand of at hand places on a par, they have a large number of classical animation parts not only, from Mi Ji mice arrives ” strange predestined relationship of ice and snow ” , and still have a lot of film universes, fr爱上海龙凤上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝419桑拿 上海龙凤论坛sh1fee power, strategic defense initiative, jones waits indiana a moment. After they buy 21 centuries Fox, copyright library was joined again ” abnormity ” and ” iron blood soldier ” etc. Although 上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区Spector has been Dishini to work no longer, but he also does not have at a loose end. At present he is being developed ” network an ingenious military move 3 ” . He expresses, if Dishini again call he, he will ” the heart beats to go back immediately爱上海同城 爱上海. He will ” the heart beats to go back immediately.. [……]

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